Thursday, August 17, 2006

The BIG kick off

OK, just two days to go to the start of the football season proper. Yes, I know, the bluenoses and yam yams around here think it has been going two weeks already, and they are busy pretending that football is much more fun, cheaper, contains less diving and cheating etc. etc. outside of the top division. It makes you wonder why they were in such depths of despair last season as the tumbled the first steps to hopeful oblivion. Still, people in Colchester, Southend and Plymouth can look forward to their weekend being invaded by neanderthal brummies telling everyone how the sleeping giant is about to wake up.

So, for all of them who have already forgotten what life is like in the fast lane...

Alternatively, you can have even more fun HERE.

(PS - this smug, boasting piece of arrogance is written in advance of the opportunity we have been given to allow the gooners to inflict their usual brand of homocide on our defence in celebratation of the opening of their new stadium)