Sunday, August 06, 2006

Home Thoughts

Well, I’m back, and at least I’ll be able to follow the news a bit easier now, and as far as I’m concerned the appointment of Martin O’Neill is only part of the job. As I posted a number of times when he was up for the England job, I’m not half as convinced of O’Neill’s qualities as he, or his mates in the media are. He won a couple of League Cups with Leicester (even Big Fat Ron has won that for us) and finished first in a two horse race in Scotland. But compared to the job he has got on at Villa Park, they were easy-peasy, particularly whilst that scrote continues to run the club. Still, I wish him all the best (Martin, that is… you really don’t want to know my wishes for Doug Ellis), but as my curmudgeonly old mate Ernesto texted me in Italy to say… “Yippee! We’ve got a manager who thinks Robbie Savage and Alan Thompson are footballers!”