Sunday, August 20, 2006


As I said I would, I have spent much of the weekend (in between watching endless re-runs of Olof Mellberg's towering header) crawling around in the loft, sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of vinyl LP's in order to convert selected albums and tracks into MP3 files for the ipod. Well, the good news is... it works! Even someone with my limited technical knowledge has been able to do it, and I'm currently listening through the ipod to....
Man Kind - Misty in Roots - Live from the Counter-Eurovision, 1979.

The following quote from the intro to that track was played at Peel's funeral:
"When we trod this land, we walk for one reason ... to try to help another man think for himself. The music of our hearts is roots music, music which recalls history, because without the knowledge of your history, you cannot turn in your destiny: the music about the present, because if you are not conscious about the present, you're like a cabbage in this society."
Too true mate... and good news for anyone from the South Wales area... Misty are coming there next Saturday!

I'll list my favourite vinyl to mp3 selection later this week.. but for now I'm going to start downloading.