Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Keep the faith

A letter in The Guardian:
"It won't only be the bookmakers queuing up if Peter Wilby is prepared to put his money where his mouth is. Most of us can work out that the Cameron position is false, as he has been given an easy ride by a media obsessed with its own self-appointed role in ending the Blair premiership. Wilby makes much of Labour's lack of cabinet talent post-Blair, but who does he think Cameron is going to offer us beyond a small group of old Etonians, tired Thatcherites and Boris Johnson? Does Wilby really believe that the hundreds of thousands of us who have benefited from a stable economy are going to recklessly pass it into the hands of an untested unknown? But the biggest argument against his prediction is that out here in the sticks the Tories are still the same bickering, small-minded group - much more Howard than Cameron."
David Wotherspoon
Downholland, West Lancashire

Just to emphasise the last point... there is THIS... and THIS.