Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"David Cameron is rated more favourably than any of his three immediate predecessors two months or so after each had been elected leader." Iain Dale reports this as 'good news for the Tories'. So, let us get this straight, David Cameron has a greater popularity rating than Michael Howard... Ian Duncan Smith... and William Hague, a couple of months after each one of them was elected. Crumbs of comfort indeed. Unfortunately for David (or 'Dave' as Iain has taken to calling him) he won't actually be standing against those three-time losers in the proper polls. Of course, not all Tories have Iain's enthusiasm for 'Dave', and some are downright hostile already... The Cameroonies may hope that The Right has nowhere to go but that's not true. Some may go to UKIP. Some (hopefully very few) may even be tempted by nationalist parties. Much more likely is that many will sit on their hands and stay away from the polling booths.