Thursday, February 09, 2006

In addition to this blog I have got a Councillors' website provided by Sandwell Council under the Councillor Info project. However, one of the problems with this site is I am not allowed to make 'political' comments. Why? Surely as politicians, that is the business we are in. It is a bit like Tesco having a website, but saying they are not permitted to put anything about food on it. The people that should really be jumping up and down screaming about this are the opposition groups. Their silence on political matters is almost an implicit statement that they have got nothing they disagree with the Council on. Certainly, as far as our majority opposition Tory Group are concerned, that is an easy conclusion to jump to. A quick glance at the Tory Leader's website reveals her two fellow councillors are two members who have departed from the Council ages ago, so not much chance of any politics or other content there then.

But why shouldn't Councillors' Websites be allowed to discuss political issues?