Sunday, February 05, 2006

Now, who says Tories don't have a sense of humour? (actually, I do most of the time). Former Tory Parliamentary candidate Iain Dale has done a rating of the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet, giving marks out of 10 for voter appeal. In Iain's opinion the Tory Shadow Cabinet, only a couple of months into the Cameron era, already outscore the Cabinet in terms of voter appeal. But of course, Iain was just being mischievous. I mean, how in hell could you give David Davis 8 out of 10 for voter appeal (unless you were part of the Davis for Leader campaign like Iain), or Theresa May 7 out of 10 (I wouldn't give her one, someone comments rather spitefully). But... the giveaway, that proves Iain is just trying to wind people up, is revealed when he gives the boy Hague 9 out of 10 for voter appeal. Given that Blair gets only 8 out of 10 for winning three consecutive landslides... and in 2001 Hague managed to drive away a million more voters than even John Major had managed to attract in 1997... what exactly has Hague done since 2001 to so startlingly increase his voter appeal, other than stay resolutely out of the public eye? All of which convinces me that the more people see of clowns like William Hague, the more they will realise that Cameron's formula is, as cooks in the merchant navy used to say, the same old shit, different sauce.