Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Rewards of Failure

Someone was twittering on the radio this morning whilst I was delivering leaflets in the rain (pause for sympathy) about the Blair's hanging on in Downing Street to enable them to pay the oversized mortgage Tone has taken out on his new London home. Surely if he took a leaf out of William Hague's book, Blair would soon realise his big mistake has been giving the Tories a pasting in three consecutive General Elections. He would pay the lot off in a few months after he finished being Prime Minister just by tramping around the lecture circuit cracking a few jokes. According to the radio correspondent, the boy Hague charges aound £10,000 per speech... and the irritating little twerp makes scores of them every year. Also, for being a complete and utter flop as Tory Party Leader, the News of the Screws pays him £200,000 a year so he can tell us all how he did it! Ok... Blair's never going to do as well on the comedy club circuit as the runt Hague. Let's face it, he makes you laugh when you look at him, but ten grand for a few gags by a man who basked in the glory of being called a foetus.... unbelievable! For a full list of Cameron's bag carrier's 'earnings on the side' whilst he was supposed to be representing his constituents.... read here.