Monday, February 06, 2006

Whilst I detest almost everything the Conservative Party stand for, I do think we should embrace David Cameron’s ‘Democracy Taskforce’ brief to "consider the use by ministers of the power of the royal prerogative" with open arms. If Ken Clarke’s taskforce can come forward with some positive conclusions to take away the power of the monarch, including the powers of the monarch that are currently exercised on her behalf by the Prime Minister, we should grab the opportunity with both hands. The powers vested in the Monarch in the Palace and the monarch in Downing Street, whether they be the power of patronage or the power to wage war on behalf of the country, are remnants of a medieval system of Government and have no place in a democracy. When Clarke finishes this part of the task, we can push on to complete the job by freeing up the Windsors and their assorted hangers-on, take them off the payroll, and allow them to get a proper job and get on with their lives as they please.