Friday, February 03, 2006

I was listening to the Five Live ‘phone in this morning on the way to work. A fatal thing to do because it gets me so angry. Two out of three callers on the line about the ‘anti-Muslim’ cartoons were complaining about Muslims wanting to convert this country to Islam. But surely… that is what these people do? Not all of them, but the most committed of them. It is no different to the pairs of Jehovah’s we get knocking the door flogging The Watchtower. No different to all those Catholic missionaries spreading the word of their Lord to the developing world. No different from my mate Dave who urges people to come along and listen to him preaching at the local Methodist Church. No different to the Socialist Worker sellers pushing their message and flogging their papers at the bottom of the ramp at New Street station.

I repeat… that is what they do. I don’t buy the Socialist Worker… I don’t buy The Watchtower… and I haven’t heard Dave’s sermons (other than in the pub after branch meetings). Don’t get excited by these things, as Frankie Says… Relax!

I, as promised, have absolutely nothing to say about this.