Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This piece of crap is on Iain Dale's blogsite today. So, you get the message. Demonstrators... Muslims.... must be on the dole, obviously. I wonder if the same sort of message appeared when the Countryside Alliance had their demonstrations about their right to inflict cruelty on animals. Of course it wasn't, because the reality is, as I and many other Labour bloggers have been pointing out, if you scratch the surface of the new smarmy Cameron revolution, underneath the same old reactionary Tories are lurking. They may try to give the impression that it is only a few 'Old Tory' Tebbits who don't agree with Smarmy's New Model Tories, but deep in the heart, the Colonel Blimps are still there.

Just to show that buried deep in the Labour Party there are still socialist hearts beating, Tony Benn "happy in a blaze of autumn sunshine" writes about the values passed down to him by his radical Liberal father.