Thursday, July 20, 2006


Just a couple of points about this article in The Guardian.

Having recently relinquished his position on the board, the greatest day in the club's history had passed him by.
Errm, not quite. He hadn't recently relinquished at all. Ellis had gone before we won the league title in 1980/81... and in fact he would have sacked Ron Saunders if he hadn't been thrown off the Board in 1979. as it was, he bought back into the club when we were European Champions... and within three years he had sacked the manager and got the club relegated!

The other interesting bit is right at the end...
Ellis has certainly had that in terms of his investment. He purchased Villa for around £80,000 in 1982 but, although the club is worth about £50m now.
Yes... not to mention the near million pounds a year he has taken out of the club in salary and dividends since he 'handed it back to the supporters' by going plc and converting his stake in the club into a small goldmine for the fat travel agent.