Monday, July 17, 2006

It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe...

The Planning Inspectorate has disgracefully given approval to Blue Chip Casinos to open an all-night casino in a converted pub in my Ward (see artists impression of this disgusting object, left) despite the overwhelming opposition of local residents and elected members. I can find no words to describe the wretched bureaucrats who have taken this decision, but I would bet a thousand pounds to a bucket of shit that they don't live next door to an all-night gambling den.

This decision will ensure the lives of the people living in the streets nearby are blighted. Tossers with more money than sense will be banging cab doors, shouting to their mates, starting up their cars or rolling around the nearby streets in the early hours of the morning whilst hard working folk are looking to get a decent night's sleep. Meanwhile, no doubt the gambling bosses will stuff the money of the stupid into their pockets, Ministers will roll over on their comfy feather pillows in grace and favour homes, and the Planning Inspector will sleep soundly in his quiet Bristol suburb.

Rot in hell!