Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fattening Frogs for Snakes

The Labour Government since 1997 has spent record amounts of money on the NHS. Despite the reservations of many of us within the Party about PFI and the so-called 'choice' agenda, the increase in doctors and nurses would be welcomed by most people, and the ending of poverty pay levels has been long overdue. However, opinion polls show figures as high as 90% of people want to retain a publicly run and publicly funded National Health Service. I even believe David Cameron when he says he supports the NHS. Certainly more than Lady Finchley who convinced no-one that the NHS was safe in her hands. Cameron does let himself down when he says he wants to "encourage more private sector participation in the NHS."

I think Cameron not only lets himself down, he loses a political initiative. The increasing privatisation of the NHS by this Government is deeply resented by those who are sceptical of the motives of the private sector. Like it or not, people don't want the people caring for their granny to have one eye on the patient, and one eye on their wallet. You can join a lot of other people who want to sign up to Keep Our NHS Public