Monday, March 20, 2006

One reform of party political funding I would like to see the Government introduce is one that says no public company should be allowed to make a donation to party political funds unless they ballot all of their shareholders, on a one shareholder, one vote basis. The trade unions have to ballot in order to allow their members to have a political fund, so why not introduce a ballot for company corporate donations.

Also, if trade unions deduct 10p a week from their members subs (subject to the members agreeing the deduction) and pay that to the political party of their choice, that's just over £5 a year. So, I think I would go along with smarmy Fox's plans to limit donations, but I don't see why the figure needs to be so high. If half a million UNISON members choose to give 10p a week to the Labour Party, that's £2.5 million a year. Add on all the other TUC affiliated! Should be enough for starters, and we can tell all these millionaire prospective Lords to bugger off back to the Tories and give us our Party back.