Monday, March 20, 2006

Letter in The Guardian from an Aston Villa supporter and expert political analyst (no, not me - this time) :

These latest revelations show there is now a two-tier Labour party. The official party with its elected officials and committees remains in place, but the real decisions are made in No 10. With membership at an all-time low and support ebbing in key areas, the justification for supporting Blair because he is electorally successful is becoming a thing of the past. The longer-term impact on the political process is more damaging. Voters may not react suddenly to the embrace of Tory policies, but Tory sleaze is a different matter. Blair came into office to clean up politics. He is now besmirched and the damage extends across the political spectrum. No doubt Jack Dromey will be under intense pressure to remain loyal. It is not just Labour supporters who will hope that he probes into the murk.
Trevor Fisher