Thursday, March 16, 2006

Paul Linford has an interesting post which seems to be 'greasing the pole' for the yellow Tories to shaft Ming with after the next General Election. Linford suggests that if there is a hung parliament and the Tories were to be the largest party (and a bloody big 'if' that is, given that we are talking three years or more down the road and Smarmy Cameron's smile is already wearing thin) Ming would be reluctant to jump into bed with the Tories. Well, that need not trouble him unduly, because his chances of being leader of the Lib Dems by then must be waning by the week. Of course, if the people's choice for Lib Dem Leader, aging Lothario, John Hemming, was to get the leadership, we all know John will form a coalition with any idiot to get his feet under the table.