Thursday, March 02, 2006

The War FOR terror

They may be rampaging around the Middle East, but the US administration hasn't taken its eyes off the ball in their own backyard. Just a trawl around ZNET shows the Bush administration have lost none of the enthusiasm that the late unlamented Ronnie Reagan had for death squads, dictators and military junta. It is the same in virtually every Central and South American Country... nothing is to big or too small for the boys and girls in the CIA who are looking to preserve our democratic way of life (sic). Of course, you will be lucky to find even a paragraph in our national newspapers about the war FOR terror in Haiti or the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico.

Cuba, of course, remains the country that sticks in the craw of the US more than any other. The Bush Administration call their subversion in Cuba a campaign to 'Hasten Cuba's Transition to Democracy'. Can you just imagine the US response to a multi-million dollar campaign to 'Hasten the US Transition to Communism' or to 'Hasten the US Transition to Islam' by subversive means? Laughably, from the planet's biggest polluter, one of the things they are concerned about is Addressing Environmental Degradation in Cuba.

I'd better be careful, I need to balance this posting with a savage attack on Al-Qaeda... or I might be accused of behaving in an uneven way.