Sunday, March 19, 2006

Is there a more boring 'sport' on the face of the earth than Formula 1 motor racing? Well, maybe. I mean, horse racing must be worth a shout. 20 minutes of watching the horses troop around the parade ground, 3 minutes of watching them sprint down the straight. In reality though, horse racing isn't a sport, it's just an excuse for people to gamble. For me, Formula 1 gets the vote by a very long street.

Way back in the mists of time the radical student campus was at the heart of the revolutionary movement. At the drop of a black beret students would occupy the Senate building all night eating pot noodles and rifling through the Vice-Chancellor's secret files on them (or his bank account details if the 'secret files' couldn't be found). A hotbed of militant middle-class Che Guevara's calling for a general strike and supporting 'the workers'in their class struggle. This just goes to show what happens when you open up the universities to the bloody working class. All they want to do is pass their sodding exams and get a good job in advertising. No class solidarity, that's their problem.