Wednesday, March 15, 2006

People keep asking: Why doesn't the Labour Party ditch Tony Blair? He is deeply unpopular, they say. Nobody believes a word he says, they continue. Well, those of us in the Party who would prefer the Prime Minister to pack up and spend more time with his mortgage, find it more difficult when the population as a whole don't agree with either us, or the handful of noisy Tory/Lib Dem bloggers who are going to change the world from their keyboards.

As the Labour Government prepares to enter its 10th year in office, opposed by two new opposition leaders; a fresh-faced old Etonian who does Tony Blair impressions and a crusty old Scot who does Alec Douglas-Home impressions, Labour under Blair is still in front in the opinion polls. Like it or not, under those circumstances, the Labour equivalent of the Tory Men in Grey Suits, are hardly likely to sidle up alongside the vain glorious Leader and tell him the writing is on the wall. It would be like Jose Mourinho retaining the Premiership title, receiving the adoration of the Chelsea hordes, only to have the Russian whisper in his ear that the game's up Jose, time to go.

Don't blame us. Perhaps you need to vote in a new electorate.