Sunday, March 26, 2006

I gave George Galloway a first listen tonight on the odious Talksport. A mistake. George, in the same way he enthusiastically made a tart of himself on Celebrity Big Brother, seems to have adopted the populist broadcasting technique usually pumped out by his new employers. So, when introducing a programme in which he ranted, (sorry) defended the right of smokers to not only kill themselves but pollute the air for the rest of us too, George said words along the lines of…. “and now, this New Labour Government, which has not only legalised sodomy for 16 year olds, wants to take away people’s liberty to smoke.” Charming, George. Richard Littlejohn would be proud of you. Strangely, the Gorgeous one told us he was in the House of Commons when the vote was taken on the smoking ban in England (on a free vote, by the way, not a Government whip), but he neglected to tell us which way he voted. Anyone know? Oh, and whilst you're looking, did George vote to reduce the age of consent when he was a 'new Labour' MP.