Monday, June 26, 2006

Customer Care... You're the customer... and we don't bloody care!

One of my constituents wrote to the Leader of Birmingham City Council and their Leisure Services Department about the state of our local park which, despite being in Sandwell (near Whitby's home in Sandwell, in fact) is owned and (laughably) maintained by Birmingham City Council. This is a copy of the letter:

Ms Woods

I am still waiting for a response from you since this out of office
automatic notification was sent on 14 April.

Since then we have entered into a consultation period on the future of
Lightwoods Park, and the children's play area remains in an attrocious
state. There is inappropriate graffiti of a sexual nature which has still
not been removed, and there is still a swastika on the floor.

The paths are still dangerous and a friend of my toddler daughter fell and
badly hurt his face recently.

As previously in April, I am again copying this to Mike Whitby, in his
capacities as Leader of the Council, councillor for the adjoining Harborne
ward, and as a local resident. I am disappointed not to have even received
an acknowledgement to my original email, especially as I note that the
Council's Performance Plan, which is before Cabinet today, indicates a
target of replying to every complaint "within 10 days".......and here we are
10 WEEKS on from my original contact, and not an acknowledgement from either yourself or Cllr Whitby.

I hope to hear from you within the next ten days.

Yours sincerely

L. S......