Saturday, June 10, 2006


Is it possible that there are (or were) two Simon Smith's in senior positions within the BNP. Someone has sent me a reference to this clipping from 2003. There it describes a disaffected Simon Smith who "was a senior Midland elections officer" for the BNP and quotes him as saying.... "The youth wing of the BNP, modelled on the Hitler Youth under Nick Griffin's tutelage, is now breaking out of local confines and hopes to spread its race hate message to young students across the country". Before going on to urge people to reject the BNP, this Simon Smith was saying "I was recruited into the BNP as a naive 21 year-old in 1989 and my youth was eventually lost in a horrific whirlwind of human conflict caused by the party."

Was it the same Simon Smith? I know he appears a bit schizophrenic. Of course, it could have been an attempt to cover up his past in order to continue in a teaching capacity, or could the BNP simply be collecting Simon Smith's and doing something with them? There's a conspiracy theory for you Smiffy.