Saturday, June 10, 2006

I find Matthew Parris quite an amusing, and intelligent writer, despite the fact that I rarely agree with a word he says. His 'opinion' column in Today's Times is almost worth reading for this paragraph alone... "And the awful prospect looms that the Tories may actually win the next general election — and win it outright. This would not be a good idea at all, for all kinds of reasons." Now, what reasonable person could disagree with that. Parris then goes on to give us a vision of what we might be able to expect from an incoming Dave Government: "Mr Cameron’s government will need in the bank more than a weary cynicism about his predecessor at Downing Street. He may quickly be required to take potentially unpopular measures, as Mrs Thatcher did. Public spending may by then have hit the buffers, cuts may be needed, jobs may be shed, economic growth may take a temporary knock."

There, see, told you he was intelligent.