Friday, June 30, 2006

In search of the right

It is very difficult to find anyone in the Labour Party who calls themselves ‘right-wing’. It’s very strange really, because most of them have no difficulty in identifying the ‘left wing’. But if you are going to have a left wing, it seems almost inevitable with the line of definition… you will have a right wing. You see, the problem is the right wing Labour people are frightened to call themselves right wing so they define themselves as moderate, or centrist (although, again without someone further to the right… how can you have a bloody centre). The Lib Dems get round this issue of left and right by trying to be both, and put on a different hat depending on who they are talking to. So they say there is no loger a left and right, but ‘modernisers’, traditionalists or whatever.

Anyway… I’ve resolved it, I’ve found the right wing. Believe me… this guy is right-wing. There’s a greasy pole, and he is either going to climb it, or use it to shaft someone with.