Monday, June 12, 2006

Roll up, Roll up, for the freedom bus.

So, it's mid-August, you've done champagne at Ascot, strawberries at Wimbledon and come back bronzed from Dubai... what to do next, that's the question? Well, why not join the freedom lovers at the Reagan Ranch in California, (all Conservative Future Members are invited) where you'll get to hear all about the Reagan Legacy. I don't suppose they will dwell on the fact that after the Republicans and Democrats in Congress voted for sanctions against apartheid South Africa, freedom-loving Ronnie vetoed the measure. Nor spend to much time on his warm friendship with the fascistic regime in Argentina, nor his backing for liberation movements in Guatamala and El Salvador where civilians were liberated from their toil by the death squads. Do you think our young Tory friends will learn about how he normalised relations with the dictator Pinochet, or sent Bush senior to the Philippenes to toast Ferdinand Marcos for "fostering democracy". Or perhaps they will hear how Ronnie carried out a secret war against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, defied international law to support contra rebels carrying out human rights abuses or how Reagan secretly sent arms to the Iranians and sucked-up to Saddam Hussein, even after his use of chemical weapons.

Perhaps though, they won't give you the whole 'freedom legacy' tour. Have a nice time, boys and girls.