Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's a cracker!

Over at ConservativeHome you can read a tremendous Q & A session with John Redwood, the man who when he was Welsh Secretary made Peter Hain look like Owain Glyndwr. The old right-wing reactionary is clearly not one of the Cameroons and has obviously only been let out on a short leash. You can almost see him squirming in his boxer briefs when asked questions about the Tories would repeal the Human Rights Act (It is too early to answer your question), or whether local Conservative councillors should participate in Regional Assemblies as it is their policy to abolish them (We believe in local determination, so it is a matter for local Councillors to decide - errm, why have the policy then?) and on Congestion Charges, one of the main planks of the Tory campaigns for London Mayoral elections (We are currently looking at the whole road pricing debate). Splendid stuff!