Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Dave, old tories.

From The Thunderer, of all places, New Dave exposed... Excuse me while I huff and puff. No more has Mr Cameron abandoned self-interested Toryism than the wolf really wanted the little piggy to go with him to the fair. Yesterday’s speech by the Conservative leader confirmed Mr Cameron as a hardline rightwinger who plans to skew the tax system in favour of the wealthier at the expense of those who most need help. His plan to allow tax relief on childcare for working parents — basically a tax cut for all working parents — will assist the better-off while doing nothing to help low-income families. His antagonism towards both tax credits and the New Deal threatens the systems that have helped the least well-off. And giving transferable tax allowances to married couples is a direct assault on the lone-parent families raising a quarter of Britain’s children today. There’s more to life than money? Only if you have enough of it, Mr Cameron.