Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gis a tenner, won't yer

Saddo BNP Councillor Simon Smith has leapt in to start a 'Save Sharon Ebanks' campaign fund in his capacity as 'Steve Freedom' on the Nazi stormfront website. Send us a tenner, he says (and you can kiss that goodbye).

Meanwhile, Sharon has been getting herself in a bit of bother because someone called Sharon on her website (Could they be by any chance related?) has said they wouldn't support England in the World Cup because "They've got too many black players." The fragrant Sharon denies it is her, and insists she gets lots of Sharon's contributing to her site. I don't really know why she is being so shy. She should take the advice of her collector-in-chief, Simon (Steve Freedom) Smith who makes no secret of his views: "There are obviously more important things than football, but having five Blacks playing for England was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me… I believe we should tackle (ha ha ) football fans and tell them that the colour of our strip is White…"