Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ex... site... ing times.

The hits on this blog have been going crazy over the last 24 hours (not just by Micky Oakeshott). No... I'm not leaping Iain Dale-like into the blogging stratosphere and looking for shoddy sponsorship deals, but I do appear to have received some interesting links. Firstly, the BBC News 'The Editors' comments had some nice words about the blog from 'My Mate Dave' a regular commenter here and an old comrade from Warley Labour Party. For the next few hours the referrers came pouring in. Then I got a hat tip from The Guardian News blog... which rather quaintly described me as "engaging". Then, this afternoon, the biggest boost of all. Just before 3pm this afternoon, I got a very kind recommendation from someone who said "...yesterday I came across a great site run by a labour (definitely not new labour) councillor in Sandwell called Bob Piper. I'm a Lib Dem but on first reading I love this man and would vote for him if I was in that area." For some strange reason, following that reference, the hits generated by the BBC and The Guardian were eclipsed. The reference was on.... The BigBrother gossip pages (thank you Nicc, whoever you are). Now I know I've made it. Move over George... Celebrity Big Brother here I come.