Monday, September 18, 2006

Am I persona non grata?

I don't usually go to the Labour Party Conference. After over 30 years of going to trade union conferences I tend to think of myself as all conferenced-out. I've done my bit; I've spent whole weeks of my life listening to some of the world's most boring speakers reading out speeches they had spent nights in front of the mirror rehearsing.

But, this year my fellow Ward councillor is the Constituency delegate, and with a foolish rush of blood to the head, I offered to go along to offer moral support and the benefit of my dubious political wisdom. The Party is allowing Labour councillors special access to the Conference this year so I dutifully filled in my form, sent my photo for the pass (which I am told has Murdoch's Sky logo on it - have we sold that too?) and wrote out the cheque which the Party cashed pretty damn quick.

I received confirmation of my registration in Early August, but to date... no credentials, agenda, etc. So I phoned the Conference arrangements people, who confirmed my registration on their computer. However... they said... we haven't had your clearance back from the police!!

After 30 odd years membership, having held virtually every Branch Labour Party position, having sat on the interminable Constituency Management Committee for over 20 years, and 7 years a Labour councillor... this is what it has come to. Some member of Her Majesty's constabulary is going to decide whether or not I am a fit and proper person to go to Party Conference. Thanks a bunch!