Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You'll never guess who I met in a queue....

Just to show how hi-tech we are here in the New Labour village we have an internet zone for the thousands of delegates and visitors to use to access their e-mail, update their blogs and in some cases re-write the holy bible, I think. You see... there are only 6 computers between all of us, and some people are hogging them. So, in order to access the computers you have to wait in a queue (yes, another bloody queue) for anything up to half an hour.

It has it's interesting aspects though. This morning, whilst nosing in on someone's conversation in the queue I realised that I was standing right behind the world's numero uno Labour bogger, none other than Kerron Cross. To be brutally honest, I was a little disappointed. His blog shows a fresh faced youth, smartly dressed and neatly pressed. Not this Kerron Cross, however. Tieless, dressed in a Burton's suit which had definitely seen better days and with a ripped lining, he looked an altogether sorrier figure than I had anticipated. He must have that natural charisma though, because whereas I shuffled along unnoticed by fellow delegates, Kerron was approached by a series of nubile young things keen to chat and simply exist in the same atmosphere as him.

So, with Luke Akehurst being altogether 'rounder' than I had expected, and Kerron being somewhat shabbier, I hesitate to attend the Bloggers4Labour 'do' tonight in case more of my mythical impressions get debunked. I think I'll go home and dress down a bit though, I wouldn't want to stand out from the crowd.