Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sudan Watch

Ingrid Jones hosts the excellent Sudan Watch website, which has been cataloguing the horrors in Darfur for the last two years. She is sickened by what she knows, frustrated that the world watches the genocide taking place, and drained of energy, Ingrid is having to take a break. She writes:
Life is short. Taking a break. Can't stomach reading any more news of calls for war and death that gives thieves, terrorists, killers and rapists a field day. Can't bear to see any more photos of uneducated African children living in war zones where billions of dollars are wasted on greedy power crazy bums.

Despite the arrival of the rainy season in south Darfur the country is still faced with critical water shortages, International Committee of the Red Cross reported 7 Sep 2006.

War is senseless. As noted here many times before, countries with water shortages need to be helped by armies of world class land rights lawyers and water engineers to enable clean drinking water to be accessible where needed.

Sudan is a country the size of Europe. For sure, scientists say, it will face increasing water shortages (hence more fighting and killing over water holes, livestock, arable land) due to climate change. A dear old English friend, who'd lived and worked in the Sudan 50 years ago, once described to me Sudan's ongoing crises as "too many people living in the wrong place". I fear he is correct.

300,000 have died already. Now there are fears Sudan is preparing a brutal 'final solution' in Darfur

Measure the column inches this weekend devoted to this horror against those given over to the spoutings of an elderly German religious leader or whether Gordon is talking to Tony this week... and see if you can work out which should be more important.