Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bloggers 4 Labour

After making some rather tetchy remarks about Kerron Cross, it was inevitable I suppose that we should meet up at the Bloggers4Labour drink.... and guess what, he's a really nice guy, not an 'on message' Blairite at all, and was even featured on the telly later that night supporting Gordon Brown (so I suppose he must be a bit on message). Others present that I had a chance to talk to included Antonia (who confessed to clapping the video screen during HIS speech - a quite bizzare sight. People actually gave the screen a standing ovation at the end!!) Gareth, (who is a giant so I'm not going to write any rude comments on his site anymore) Catherine from North of the River and Adele, who wanted to know if Dave Prentis was a 'trot' (No, Adele, he's not). Anyway, there were a number of others present who I didn't get much chance to talk to or didn't remember their blog name after having imbibed a bit, but they all seemed pretty decent folks. I couldn't help thinking how dreary a Tory equivalent would be.