Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Only 18 holes in the game?

18 Reasons why I hate the Ryder Cup. What... only 18?? Here's another couple...

19. When it is played at the Belfry even the hotels and bars in the far West of Birmingham (20 miles away) are full of Americans dressed in silly clothing who were conned into thinking that the Hagley Road was in the heart of Shakespeare country, so they wonder around asking if you know where Anne Hathaway's cottage is.

20. Golf... or even worse still, golf on television. This is surpassed only by Formula 1 motor racing and anything involving horses as THE most boring spectator spectacle when viewed on tv. However, I suspect that unlike motor racing where being at the circuit and smelling the fuel, or horse racing where being near the parade ring and smelling the horse shit, golf is probably an even more distressing experience to watch live on the course.

I'll stop there, but I'm sure given the time I could get the list up near the 100 mark.