Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Never appear with animals, kids or celebrities.

It seems like Nancy Banks-Smith has been writing the sharpest television reviews in the media since Adam were a lad. Today she has written a neat little review of Jamie Oliver's latest school dinners programme which just captures the way in which politicians struggle to cope with celebs in front of a camera without a script. The scene where Oliver meets with new, and desperately unprepared, Education Secretary Alan Johnson was a treat, as Nancy saw it...
"Johnson was new to the job ("I'm this week's secretary of state") and it showed. I haven't seen anyone so unbriefed since The Full Monty. When he said "I can't commit to anything after 2008 financially", Jamie snapped back: "So does that mean our boys are going to be out of Iraq in a year and a half?" At this the minister's special adviser bounded from her seat as if gravity had been cancelled."
I'm quite sure we can expect David Cameron to take up the cause with gusto. "Every school-aged child will get free muesli and fresh fruit," Dave will pledge, adding with a wink to the camera how Margaret Thatcher was wrong to snatch the kids free school milk off them and he was apologising on behalf of 'modern day Conservatives' everywhere.