Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oh Graham Poll, you're a f*****g ****hole

Over a season you see good decisions, you see bad decisions, but with Graham Poll you get consistently bloody awful decisions. At a time when there are all sorts of allegations flying around about 'goings-on' in football, there has to be some method of charging referees with bringing the game into disrepute. If players do things wrong and can be charged, there should be public acknowledgement of when referrees make dreadful, dreadful mistakes. I know it's a bloody thankless task and an incredibly difficult and pressurised job, but the way Poll consistently favoured Chelsea today was a disgrace. One second half decision not to send off a Chelsea player who dragged Juan Pablo Angel to the floor when he had a clear run at goal was dreadful. It was compounded when Poll didn't even book the player... and it was unbelievable that he didn't even give us a free kick. So, lads, well done, you stuck it up the billionaires... despite Graham Poll!