Friday, September 08, 2006

The not-so-secret thoughts of Adrian Bailey Aged 53 and three-quarters

Tom Watson... as most people know by now, is the Labour MP for West Bromwich East. Tom has been in the news for his part in the move to get Tony Blair to avoid leading Labour into the valley of death next May. The MP for the next door constituency, West Bromwich West, is Adrian Bailey, who you almost certainly will not have heard of. Mr Bailey is not even a celebrity in the Bailey household. An ultra loyalist to Blair, Bailey has now come out to condemn Tom Watson's actions, claiming Tom was “out of touch with the people in the borough” This is funny enough to be a spoof. Bailey publicly critices Watson in the newspapers... whilst claiming Watson is being disruptive. As one Sandwell Councillor points out in the article, Watson has the overwhelming support of people in our area. He is a bloody good constituency MP. Adrian Bailey, on the contrary, is an MP who seems to spend an extraordinary amount of time meddling in the affairs of his constituency Labour Party. Perhaps if he looks at the BNP voting pattern in his constituency he would learn a few lessons from Tom Watson about working WITH party members, not AGAINST them.