Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees

Just a different perspective, I suppose. My comrade from the right of the Party, Luke Akehurst, is at it again. Following the RMT walkout at the TUC before His Master's Voice began, Luke states that in his experience that sort of behaviour is How not to recruit people into trade unions. It just goes to show how experiences differ. I have done a bit in the trade unions myself over the last few years. Strangely, I invariably found that it was those trade unionists who stood up for what they believed in, who voiced the opinions of people in the workplace even when they were unpopular with the bosses, and who were actively prepared to oppose redundancies, closures, privatisations etc. who were respected by their members and were best equipped to recruit more members. Those that silently sat back, meekly accepted the crumbs handed down from the top table, sheepishly followed their careerist full-time officials... they never seemed to get respect, or recruits.