Friday, September 29, 2006

Penny for them!

Delicious... delightful... absolutely brilliant! There can be no words to describe this absolute pile of old cow dung who wants to be the next Conservative candidate to get a thrashing from Ken. David Banks in the comments section shows just exactly what sort of problems the Tories have got:
"wow , what a stunner! We certainly need more beautiful women in politics so shes got my support!"
but at least political animal demonstrates that he is not entirely stupid (remember, David Banks is the benchmark here:
..."not being a Londoner (i.e. resident) counts massively against you - in voter terms."
You know, I get more optimistic about Labour's future every time I drift through these Tory blogs. Also at ConservativeHome they are extracting the yellow liquid from Cameron's 10 Commandments.... 1. Love thy neighbour and thy neighbour's hoodied child....