Sunday, September 03, 2006

It must be History Revisionism week. Thatcher didn't really call Mandela a terrorist. Young Tories didn't wear badges saying 'Hang Mandela'

Iain Dale seems like a nice guy... but his fixation with Lady Doom really does tend to overshadow his judgement at times. Now we find he is using the Foreign Minister of the discredited racist apartheid government to defend the old witch's policies towards South Africa in the strangely titled The Rights & Wrongs of Margaret Thatcher (errrm, where's the wrongs, Iain?). The bit I like is where Botha says... "she was firmly opposed to apartheid and any form of racial discrimination." This latest piece of sucking up is evenly mildly critical of the boy Dave. It is really quite bizarre and reveals something deeply unhealthy in Iain's inner psyche ... something of the Johnothan Woss in the night here, methinks. Whatever next? Pinochet the torturer and tea-sipping companion revealed as a cuddly old uncle who was misunderstood by everyone except her? No, of course not... why, even Iain goes on to say he didn't think the old bat was right on everything!!! So, perhaps Iain will give us the benefit of one of his top 100 lists. The top 100 things Thatcher got wrong! Don't hold your breath.