Monday, October 02, 2006

Bloggers4Labour... nothing happened, shock!

Labour's numero uno blogger Kerron Cross came to the bloggers4labour get together in Manchester last week.... but not much really happened! I suppose in a sense Kerron is right, but what exactly was he expecting to happen? Lap dancing? Karaoke? A round or two of bingo, or carpet bowls, perhaps? Here we assembled, over 20 people united only by our support for the Labour Party (which everyone had talked about all week) and the fact that we had blog sites. So, in a fairly relaxed and informal setting, we had a couple of jars and a chat, which was about what I was anticipating. Perhaps Kerron could organise the next one, and we could all find out what delightful sins go on on a wet Tuesday in Watford... perhaps the Derby & Joan Club concrete hut would make a good meeting place?