Thursday, October 05, 2006

You can take the Tories out of the 19th Century... but you can't take the 19th Century out of the Tories

One man's "little joke" is another man's "offensive homophobic comment". I don't know the background to this, but the Liberal Democrat person's comment that.... "this is a work-related e-mail service and therefore I also have rights not to have to read unrelated dirt." seems a trifle over the top considering the original e-mail sounded like a fatuous piece of nonsense about Noah having "to obtain planning permission, abide by building regulations, commission an environmental impact study, install a fire sprinkler system and seek guidance from the RSPCA." I suspect (on absolutely no evidence, I hasten to add) that Cllr. Clutterbuck is your standard old Tory bore who was adding his little piece of nonsense on to another piece of nonsense and that no amount of social re-programming will change him.