Saturday, October 14, 2006

Victorian houses... Victorian values

Over the last year there have been a few 'modern' and more upmarket type of establishments opening in my Ward, appealing to a younger clientelle. It probably reflects the house price inflation in this part of Sandwell and the demographic change as younger people move into the Victorian terraced houses. So imagine my surprise this week to be contacted by a constituent who was genuinely upset because she had been told off by the waitress for breastfeeding in the Bistro following a complaint from another customer. It wasn't as if she was flashing her boobs or making an open display of what she was doing either, but when she asked for the bill and agreed to leave the premises to feed her child, she was given a bill for the starter and main course, even though they had only been served the starter. Personally, I don't think under those circumstances they would have even got the money for the starter out of me.... but I think it does raise a question about how some of these places market themselves as being 'modern' whilst their attitudes are so outdated.