Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mass debating

So, here it is... the launch of the new Tory eurosceptic group, the Movement for European Reform. Its aims are crystal clear..... it wants to , well, reform the EU. It stands for "having a debate", and it will become "a powerhouse of ideas for change." Is that not enough to persuade you what a good idea it is? OK, then, try this, "it will be a strong new voice for change, optimism and hope" and it will be "an exciting new project which aims to build a body of opinion in the European Union in support of a flexible, open EU."

Well, you can't get much clearer than that about your objectives can you? And you thought it was just another front organisation for all those xenophobes and other crackpots to whinge on and on about straight bananas and being in Europe but not ruled by Europe. As if.