Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feel their pain

Iain Dale has got some old footage from YouTube of the days when the old Witch of Finchley used to spend her days dividing the country, which clearly used to give Iain those Jonothan Ross moments in his youth. The interesting thing is, having watched the video straight after seeing Farage of the U-kippers on the Andrew Marr slot this morning, how much closer the video (and the barmy Baroness) is to Farage as opposed to the vacuous rhetoric of David Cameron. I suppose if you watch the film objectively, with all that flag waving land of hope and glory stuff you can understand the hurt and pain the 'natural party of government' must be going through trying to adapt to a life of perpetual opposition.... and then you can laugh out loud.

PS - Doesn't anyone have the footage of the old witch leaving Downing Street for the last time, dabbing the tears from her eyes, a joyous occasion for the nation.