Thursday, October 12, 2006


The BBC Midlands News today devoted at least 12 minutes of our regional news coverage to the Sion Simon YouTube video. OK, there hasn't been an earthquake, or an outbreak of the plague, or a great train robbery today in the West Midlands, but surely this video cannot warrant that sort of broadcasting time. But it wasn't just the time devoted, there was also the tone of the coverage. The normally placid granny's favourite, dozy Nick Owen, was apoplectic about it. Interviewing Simon, Owen turned beetroot red and spluttered about the video "offering your wife for sex", before then hinting that the Labour Party may want to take action against Sion simon, and fellow West Midlands MP, Tom Watson who has made comments on another video suggesting David Cameron has a Filipino maid.

Now there are those amongst you who would suggest that given recent events concerning Simon and Watson, the old Downing Street dirty dossier team have been up to their old tricks. You may say that, I couldn't possible comment.

Update: Bloody hell... Murdoch's got his nose in the same trough now, and they even have the subtlety to mention that letter..