Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Funeral songs

Paulie over at Never Trust a Hippy gives us the top 20 songs played at funerals. I must admit to having some doubts about this list on the basis that I thought Frankie's syrupy 'My way' was supposed to be the number one funeral song these days. however, it did bring to mind my own dear mother who had requested my father be sent to the fiery furnace accompanied by one of his favourite songs by one of his favourite singers, that they always used to request for the last dance. So as we stood around somberly, the button was pushed and the coffin started to trundle along the conveyor belt, and the melodic sound of Jim Reeves singing.... "He'll have to go"!

Whilst thinking about Paulie, I read David Peace's masterpiece The Damned United about Cloughie's 44 days at Leeds last week, and I couldn't help but think that a second volume about the Forest years would be much appreciated. I can't recommend this book enough, so I'll just reproduce one of the reviews on Amazon:
"David Peace captures the essence of Brian Clough brilliantly throughout - you can almost hear him saying every word. He doesn't shy away from some of the harsher realities - and speculations - about Clough but the reader can just as easily see how Clough's ability and drive made him the success he was. I can't recommend this book too highly."