Monday, October 23, 2006

A mayor for Birmingham

The Birmingham Post today prints a letter from the Labour Group Leader on the City Council saying that "a Labour council would allow an unfettered referendum on the future governance arrangements for Birmingham." Leaving aside the fact that there is no immediate prospect of a Labour leadership of Birmingham City Council, should Sir Albert not indicate whether or not he has a particular interest in the possible position of City Mayor for Birmingham? With the Birmingham Post & Mail Group making it absolutely crystal clear over the last few years that it favours a City Mayor (pushing forward people like local historian Carl Chinn, the clown Digby-Jones, and even more laughably Karren bloody Brady who already presides over one lot of Birmingam losers), Sir Albert knows that a referendum is going to be massively skewed in favour of a 'yes' vote. Of course, there are those cynics who might suggest it is the only possible way Sir Albert could return to power in Brum.