Monday, October 09, 2006

The Hitler Youth

As The Daily points out today there has been a massive growth in the use of MySpace and similar sites, Social network sites are serious campaign tools and some of it is for ploitical purposes. According to my 17 year-old-son there has certainly been a great deal of interest in this sort of 'chat' site by the fascist BNP. He said that they start off talking to young people about matters of interest, music, tv programmes etc. and then they start gradually moving the conversation around to topics such as how difficult it is getting a job with all the asylum seekers in the country, or how the clubs are full of 'immigrants'. Eventually the chat moves around to how the BNP are defenders of English values and their love of issues such as animal welfare. I attended a Unite Against Fascism meeting in Birmingham on Saturday and it is quite clear from what people were saying that the racists have decided secondary school kids are a target audience.